More butterflies

They're simply too pretty not to share with you again:

I chased this one all over the yard trying to get his photo with his wings open. 


Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

They look too beautiful to be real! I had a Butterfly bush last year, but I never got any flowers planted. Thanks for sharing your garden and its creatures.

Melanie said...

We have been LOVING the monarch too! This past week I also saw a black swallowtail. .which was so pretty too. .I've never seen a swallowtail around here. .and was REALLY excited to see it!

Randy said...

So many butterflies like the Painted Lady and the Viceroy that are prettier than the Monarch. The Monarch I suppose so famous because of it's migration. Many years ago we had dozens of Monarchs stop by to feed on Sedum. Never seen anymore since. Butterflies we've spotted in our Kansas garden here.

Such a beautiful garden you have. Enjoy your blog.