Snowy Garden March 1, 2007


Grandma Vonnie said...
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Grandma Vonnie said...

Deb, this entire blog is absolutely stunning. Wonderfully put together and beautifully photographed. My favorite photo in the entire blog (and it really isn't quite fair to pick a favorite because I like them all) is this winter scene. I love the contrast between dark and light in the picture (the flagstone vs. the snow; the sunlight vs. the shadow). I love the blue-white of the snow. This blog was not only a gift to Ken, it is gift to all of us that will be stopping in to enjoy your yard. I'll be back!

Deborah Raney said...

Vonnie, thanks so much for stopping by! We were so pleasantly surprised at how the flagstone "behaves" in the snow. We regret that we haven't taken more photos in the fall and winter because the garden really does have its own special beauty in those seasons. You can be sure we'll remedy that next year!

We so appreciate how much you appreciate the blog! Makes it all the more fun to put up a post, knowing someone else is enjoying it too!

Ewa said...

This is real fun to see the garden under the snow, not only the best summer months :)
Since I started this year to like other seasons too, I will also make winter pictures as well.