Rain, rain. . .keep coming

We've been enjoying several days of rain - unusual for late July in Kansas, and much appreciated since it's kept us from having to water the trees we planted this winter. Yesterday, we sat out on the front porch for half an hour watching a gentle rain fall and listening to the natural "fountain" Ken made.

He found this great "holey" rock in his Grandpa's pasture in the Smoky Hills near Salina. He brought it home and sunk it in the ground just outside the front door under the downspout. (It's a HUGE rock - a sort of iceberg, since it's mostly underground.) Now, every time it rains, the water splashes from the downspout onto the rock, dances in and out of the holes and provides a great water show for free.


Kerri said...

Your husband's rock is wonderful! Any free water show would be very welcome in our garden too :)
I'm pretty sure the fameflower (I accidently put in "l" in there in my first comment) is the same plant that's in my new dish garden that our youngest daughter and beau gave me for my birthday last week. I love it's nodding little blooms swaying over the greenery.
Kathy's beau works with all kinds of Sedums at a green roof farm/nursery. You can imagine how much fun I have chatting with him about plants :)

Deborah Raney said...

Oh, aren't the sedums great! They stay pretty almost all winter here. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful garden.