Pretty in pink

The sedums are doing so well this summer. Creeping like crazy - to the point that we're even pulling some of it out because it's hiding the rocks on Rock Garden Hill! This variety pictured is Stonecrop 'Tricolor' (Sedum Spurium) and the colors are just beautiful. Variegated leaves tinged in pink, with reddish stems. They really stand out against the rocks, and a nice contrast to the other sedums we have growing on the hill. I'll be curious to see if this one keeps its color all winter like the yellow-green sedum (Sedum Angelina) growing beside it.
I added this photo so you can see our "pretty in pink" in context. The various sedums really complement each other (and the dark green on the right is our favorite Waterperry Blue Speedwell). Below, is the bowl garden we planted simply by pinching a few starts from several sedums and hen-and-chicks.

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Kerri said...

I've just really discovered the beauty of sedums, since our Kathy and her boyfriend, Akio, brought me the beautiful dish garden full of various types for my birthday. This variety is included in it. Akio works with sedums in a green roof nursery/farm...he's very interesting to talk to! A lovely young man.
The pink in yours picks up the lovely colors in rock well, doesn't it?