Song of Solomon 2:1

Song of Solomon 2:1-2
I am a rose of Sharon,
a lily of the valleys.
Like a lily among thorns
is my darling among the maidens.

We planted several Rose of Sharon bushes (Hibiscus) last year and ended up moving several of them, eventually losing all but two. But those we planted in the flowerbed underneath our bedroom windows are thriving and beginning to bloom. It's so nice to have something new in bloom now that these stifling hot days of August have hit. We enjoy counting blooms on our morning walks through the yard, but I probably enjoy them even more while I'm making the bed each morning. The smaller bush (above), just outside the west-facing window popped its first blossom this morning - the palest shade of pink. But the bush is loaded with bright pink buds waiting their turn. It's a good thing, since each flower only lasts for a day.

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