Pumpkins, pansies, petunias and purple kale

After two nights of freezing temps and a sunny November afternoon spent putting the garden to bed for the winter, things were looking rather dreary around here. A quick trip to Stone Creek Nursery this morning changed that: nothing like pumpkins and pansies and petunias and purple kale to cheer things up. (And everything was on sale this late in the season!) I know I'll have to bid adieu to all the flowers soon, but I'm determined to make the summer color last as long as it can.


Kerri said...

Good for you stretching the summer color as long as possible. Your pumpkins, pansies, petunias and purple kale look bright and cheery. Nice alliteration too :)
I like your pretty kitchen corner! I brought in quite a few plants I want to try to overwinter too.
We have snow here this weekend!
How long before spring???

Deborah Raney said...

How long before spring? That's exactly the question my husband and I asked as we sat on the front step after a walk last night. We've had such a beautiful and prolonged autumn, but the forecast says winter will truly arrive this week, in time for Thanksgiving. So we'll have to move from savoring fall to longing for spring. Aside from the novelty of a snowfall or two, there's just nothing acceptable in between! : )