Ice, ice, and more ice

Thanks to the ongoing ice storm, we spent most of the day without power. I'm so grateful for a gas fireplace, hot water heater and land line phones. Thanks to those blessings, we spent a rather pleasant day playing games and reading by the fire. It might be rather nice if the power went out for several hours each day. The ice has a beauty all its own (though I'm sure those who are working to try to restore power don't see it that way!)

The red twig dogwood is just stunning encased in ice!

The lawn furniture is wearing a tablecloth of icicles.

Our dinner bell won't be ringing till the sun comes out. The birds' "café" is closed for the winter and the wind chimes have been silenced under a shroud of ice.

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Paul Decelles said...

Lovely shots, especially the red twig dogwood encased in ice.