Cat tracks and long shadows

It's the sixth of February and we had a few more inches of snow last night. Winter has seemed to go on forever this year, but the sun is bright today and the kitties are enjoying a romp in the sunshine. We just keep telling ourselves that all this snow is going to make for a beautiful spring.


Cathy West said...

Brrr, that looks far too cold for me!!
Although I do enjoy snow, I prefer my warm climate, where we have flowers year round!
Maybe you will have an early spring though!
Hope you are doing well.

Kerri said...

The snow always looks beautiful with the sun shining on it. Sundae looks like he doesn't want to get cold feet :) Jasmine goes out several times each day, but she wants to come in again pretty quickly. She has 2 indoor playmates at the moment until one of them goes to live with our youngest daughter. But Maxy will stay to be Jasmine's buddy :) It's been snowing lightly here all day!
I love seeing the cat tracks!