Hardly know where to begin. . .

There's so much in bloom now, I can't decide what to show you first! The speedwell (our variety: Veronica Waterperry Blue) is doing beautifully...blue flowers on purplish-green leaves, and it spreads like mad, keeps the weeds at bay, and looks gorgeous three seasons of the year. (See the hen and chicks peeking out between the rocks?)
One of our favorite shrubs is Dappled Willow. We pruned it almost to the ground this spring and it's rewarding us with its pretty "dappled" pink- and white-tipped leaves. The plant doesn't actually bloom, but the new growth sure looks like flowers.
And then there's the columbine. We have a luscious shade of salmon and also deep purple. This is the third year for the columbine. (That's yarrow coming up behind the sandstone rocks. It will have pretty white flowers later this spring.)


Anonymous said...

I found your blog link on Ewa in the Garden, Poland.

I like your blog and garden. I really enjoy being able to view the plants individually per name and link. You really must like plants.

My father grew up in Liberal, Kansas. I live in Germany and have
never been to Kansas.

I imagine he grew up with similar plants and grasses.


Deborah Raney said...

I have an uncle who lives in Liberal. And yes, I'm sure your father grew up with very similar plants and grasses in western Kansas. So glad you discovered our garden. I hope you continue to enjoy it as things really bloom and grow over the summer months here.

Blue-eyed Blonde said...

Wish I could pay you and your husband to come and landscape our yard. We've just been trying to keep ahead of the weeds! I think I'll plan coleus and begonias--the only plants that seem to like our shady front yard.

Thanks for sharing your garden.

CatMom said...

Deb, all of these plants are beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Patti Jo :)

MaryAnn Fink - Environmental Horticulture Advisor said...

Please contact me- I visit the KC area frequently and would like to talk about your native successes!maryann@maryannfink.com