Celebrating a new tree

A new tree is always cause for celebration here, even though our reason this time is bittersweet. An ash tree that was here when we moved in succumbed to ash borers. It's always sad to lose a tree, but we chose a beautiful lacebark elm (Siberian Elm) to replace it. Because the trunk has a crook in it, and some damage from deer, we got a great deal, but the tree farm planted the tree for us and assured us the elm would survive both flaws. We think it has great character because of those flaws. Here's a before-during-after shot. (As always, click on the photo to enlarge.)
Moments after I first posted, I looked out to see that a fat robin had adopted our tree. Doesn't he look pretty perched there?

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Joseph Pulikotil said...


In these days when people are worried about global warming and wanton destruction of nature, you are doing a yeoman service to the world by nurturing and saving trees.

I am amazed at your love for trees and plants and the care you bestow on them.

I am dazzled by the color all around you. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Yes, I saw the robin perched comfortably on one of the branches and looking very happy and contented.

Have a lovely day:)