June garden

Early June and the garden is on the verge of peaking. The flower pots are filling out, the Carefree Delight roses are a riot of pink against the back of the garage, and the wildflowers along the fence are beginning to bloom. It's a joy to spend mornings and evenings out here, but the hot afternoon sun makes the backyard off limits to everyone but the cats.


Rebecca said...

What beautiful photos of a beautiful yard! I agree about Kansas sunsets! When we left our job as dorm parents/coach at Sterling College years ago, one of the students framed a picture he'd taken of a sunset outside our dorm. It is still one of our treasures. One after another....never the same....from the hand of an Awesome Creator!

Deborah Raney said...

So true! I've often thought someone should put together a coffee table book called "A Year of Kansas Sunsets." There wouldn't be a page alike. I took piano lessons in Sterling when I was little! Grew up just a few miles from there, near Lyons. Small world, huh? : )