The view from my kitchen window

May is coming to a close. We've had some nice rain and cooler weather and things are blooming like crazy. It's enough to make a person want to stand at the sink and do dishes all day! (Well, maybe not the dishes part, but what a view!)


David in Kansas said...

I am envious of your perfect view. It's beautiful

daisy said...

Ah, beautiful. It makes a person want to pull up a comfy lawn chaise and whip out a good book to read! Or take a little bitty nap while you're trying to read! LOL. We've had too much rain lately to get out and sit...the mosquitoes would carry me away.

Thanks for sharing the view. I'll hafta share mine--hope you don't mind if I swipe your idea for a post. :) I'll post a link and give you credit.