Blue on blue

The Blue Mist Spirea is in full bloom and it is stunning – and possibly stinging, since it is literally buzzing with bees and moths and butterflies.


Melanie said...

Beautiful!! Ours are also blooming, and they have totally become one of my favorite plants--mostly because of the constant life on them--we have seen so many different varieties of bees and butterflies--Worth every penny!

Rich and Carolyn Dewey said...

This Blue Mist Spirea is gorgeous! I've never seen it before. We have the pink variety, but I think we need to plant some of the blue (my FAVORITE color!) next spring. Would love to have this lovely color in September!

Thanks for showing it to us!

Deborah Raney said...

Melanie, I just looked at your photos and I love how you've planted them in a row! I wish we'd done that. They're too crowded on this little plot.

We have a couple small pink spirea, too, and they are beautiful, but I do like that the blue blooms so much later.