Farewell, Frosty

We said a sad goodbye to our faithful old cat at the end of November. Frosty joined our family as a tiny kitten (born August 1997) and was our beloved pet when we still had a houseful of kids. He loved being a garden cat, and in spite of being diabetic–and in his final years, deaf and blind–he always managed to work up a purr for anyone who paid attention to him. The garden won't be quite the same without him sunning himself on a rock, or on the back deck. We'll miss him a lot, but he left us a wealth of happy memories.


Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

It always breaks my heart when a cat member of the family dies. We said good-bye to Koko last August. Our other cat, Bunny, is finally getting over the loss and is back to her usual ornery self. She's about 15 yrs old and will be next.

May Frosty RIP.

Deborah Raney said...

Yes, our Sundae seemed a little bewildered for the first few days after Frosty was gone. But we've been giving her extra love and attention and she's already responding. Thanks for your thoughts, and I hope you have your Bunny for many more good years. I've heard of cats living well beyond 20 years.