April 5, and we have green, green grass, and almost overnight, the pear trees across the street are in full, beautiful bloom. We've been cutting back a few grasses each evening and are getting close to finished. Tomorrow night's project will be the rock wall. You can see on the right where we left off with tonight's cutting.

Our Korean Sun ornamental pear is blooming, but sadly half the tree appears to be dead. We have not had very good luck with our trees, and will be sad if we lose this one, too. For now we pruned some of the for-sure dead branches and are taking a wait-and-see approach.

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Melanie said...

Our grass has really greened up this week too. .surprising with our lack of water. .but a wonderful site for sore eyes!! Hoping to post some of our blooms this weekend. .the crabapple trees are popping. .and we lost one of those too, it looks like :-( I love spring!