What's blooming June 7, 2011

Carefree Delight Prairie Rose
 Every day we walk through the gardens and discover new things blooming. Above is Carefree Delight, a wonderful native prairie rose. Below the Butterfly Weed is just about to burst into bright orange blossoms. The yellow clump of flowers below is some form of sedum, we think. Can't find the tag for that one, and it's something we planted several years ago. The main thing blooming in the garden right now is False Sunflower, and it's shooting up all along the fence. Those spots of yellow can be seen from the deck and even inside the house.
Butterfly Weed

Thanks to our friend Susan, we've identified this one: Gray Santolina!
False Sunflower


Kathy Cheek said...

I guess I will have to just enjoy your beautiful garden, mine is sweltering under the hot August sun in north Texas! Yes, I know it is June, but the temps are more like August.

Happy gardening!

Deborah Raney said...

It's dry here, too, Kathy. We got a sprinkle today, and there are thunderstorms in the forecast this weekend, but we need a nice drenching rain!