Purple Fountain Grass...Every Year

It's always a surprise to see what comes up in the prairie grasses and flowers along the fence. What we plant in the pots changes every year, too. Maybe that's why there is one staple to our backyard garden. The Purple Fountain Grass that goes in the big green pot every single year. And it's never failed to be beautiful. (Sadly, Purple Fountain Grass is an annual in Kansas, but we've learned to buy the smallest size available because it always grows to fill the pot by mid-summer.)


Window On The Prairie said...

Love ornamental grasses. So pretty when they sway in the breeze.

Melanie said...

Since I had my greenhouse last winter, I tried to salvage some in it. Right around March, I divided the surviving lump of grass into 3 smaller pieces and planted them around the pond in May. FINALLY this past week, they are looking like they want to grow instead of just hangin on for dear life! So I will probably try to dig it back out to save some $$$ again next summer! I love the red colors too!

Debra said...

Oh, I'd never heard of purple fountain grass before--how fun! (And as always, you have such a pretty yard...)

And thanks for your comment last week at my blog. I'm so looking forward to decorating a new home and sharing pictures with you! :) Blessings, Debra