Taming the Sedum

This week we pulled out all the spent blooms in the sedum on the flagstone patio.
This is what it looked like all over the patio a few weeks ago. Pretty, but too overgrown now. I like the look of the new "haircut" and tamed patio much better now.


Melanie said...

Love your perspectives!! Lovely, LOVELY yard!! And yes, I think that the Denver daisy seeds would sprout themselves in your bed; maybe not in my bed. .but where I can have better control over the environment inside under lights. .they sprouted easily! Send me your email address sometime, and I can get your address to mail you a seed head or two this fall if you would like!

Kathy Cheek said...

I have enjoyed all your garden posts lately, and was hoping you could post more pictures of the coneflowers, one of my favorites of your summer posts, the deep orange red was so beautiful!
The deep red petunias also definitely caught my eye, and the video of sounds, well, my cat popped her head up when she heard your cat's meow. She was looking all around for a cat to show up somewhere!

Deborah Raney said...

Melanie, I would LOVE to get some of those seed heads!! My e-mail address is debraney@mac.com. Drop me a note and I'll send you my address. And thank you!! : )

Kathy, I'll post some coneflower pics next chance I get. Those orange red ones are hidden in the tall grasses now and we have to search to find them. But the yellow and purple coneflowers are really blooming. So funny about your cat wanting to "meow" with ours. ; )