Indian Summer in December??

 December is almost over, but today felt like spring! We spent an hour working in the yard, cleaning up the last of the flower pots and hanging new bought-half-price-after-Christmas lights under the deck railing.


Debra said...

Now, that's how December *should* look! :) (Such pretty photos!).

Thanks so much for your comments at my blog, especially the last one which blessed me so much and totally made my whole week. I feel honored that you've read my blog for so long and I do thank you for your encouragement. Happy 2012 to you! Blessings, Debra

greggo said...

stumbled upon you blog via the corner garden sue. glad to see another garden blogger in Kansas.Noticed you buy from stone creek, I used to work at the el dorado store as a designer. A great bunch of guys, I understand Andy sold out. too bad.

Deborah Raney said...

Your garden blog is wonderful, Greggo. I've added it to my sidebar. Really enjoyed my visit there on this winter day.