On the verge of spring

It's begun. We cut back the first of the flower beds on March 1. Already the carpet rose in the entry garden was starting to green up and leaf out. We hope to get to one flower bed each day until everything is cut back, but I have a feeling––with the mild weather we've been having––that we'll be hard pressed to keep up with everything that's trying to grow! Oh, how I love spring!
The view off our front porch to the meadow to the east. Can't wait till all
those branches are full of pear blossoms and cottonwood leaves.

Once we cut down the Maiden Grasses on either side of the driveway, we'll
be able to see the flag on the mailbox again.


Kathy Cheek said...

On the verge of spring means work in the yard, that's for sure! Randy was raking leaves out of a flower bed and raked a baby bunny right out of a nest, it was okay, he tucked it back into the nest with two other babies, who knew a nest was there!

I have some dark pink dianthus that made it through the winter, and they have been that touch of color that has helped me endure this wait for spring. I was surprised at how well they did, but it was a mild winter compared to the last two.

Deborah Raney said...

We had an incredibly ild winter, too, Kathy. And we, too, have some dianthus that made it through the winter and now has a bright red bloom.

We're relishing the return of spring––even as we brace for the possibility that winter isn't really over yet. : }