Greening up

April is almost over and we are way ahead of schedule with spring. What gorgeous, gorgeous weather we've been having. (Pay no attention to that sickly blue spruce hiding behind the lacebark elm. We're hoping it will make a comeback after last summer's extreme heat.)

My favorite thing blooming in the garden right now: four little Cosmos plants we put at the edge of Rockwall Garden.


Ruth said...

I am still waiting to transplant my cosmos. I love them, but yours look really short. I thought that they only flowered once they became quite tall. I must admit I am a bit surprised.

Deborah Raney said...

I've never planted cosmos in the ground before––only had them in pots, so I don't know how tall they will get, but the variety I always buy for pots (same as what we planted in the ground this year) are always in bloom in the flats when we buy them. They do get quite tall though, even in pots.