Pretty in pink

We have two different pinkish-purple flowers blooming right now and Sundae seems to think they are hers.

Ice Plant


Melanie said...

My asters are just getting ready to bloom. .they are in the second season, so I am hoping for a prettier show!! Wondering if you ever had any luck with the Denver daisies germinating?? I started some in the greenhouse, and ended up with 3 plants. .and possibly one of those lived over from last year. They were pretty, but are about to give it up!

Deborah Raney said...

Still no Denver daisies. (I posted a comment about them on your blog a couple weeks ago...hope you saw it.) But I do wonder if they may show up NEXT year. Several of our seeds have been that way. Makes a nice surprise!

Melanie said...

I did note your comment. .I hope you are right!! I have some more seeds that I will probably plant this winter. .I'll send you some plants if your seeds never show up!