We flew to North Carolina for a conference at 6 a.m. Sunday, May 19. Around four that afternoon I got a text from one of my sisters saying we'd better have someone check on our house because a big storm had gone through town. Sure enough, our house was badly damaged by hail. Ruined roof and guttering, broken window, battered deck and lawn furniture. All discouraging and time-consuming, but covered by our homeowners insurance, thankfully.

But the hardest to take is how the storm erased all the hours of work we'd put into getting the yard in shape. After spending 8 hours last week weeding, planting, transplanting, pruning, and mulching with this result:

We came home to find trees stripped of their leaves and our plants shredded like salad. Only on the east side of the house did the plants go unscathed.
Our friends took a photo of these hailstones that did the damage.
I'm very grateful our favorite green ceramic pot wasn't broken and the flower cart my dad built for us is undamaged. But we'll be starting from scratch on our flower pots and plantings. Discouraging, yet in light of what the folks in Oklahoma are dealing with right now, we feel very fortunate.

One wonderful ray of hope: I feared our nesting doves had perished in the storm. Or even if they'd survived, that the eggs would be scrambled. As soon as we got home I ran to check on the nest. It was intact and Mama Dove was sitting there! There must still be eggs!
The hanging plant where the nest rests is too high for me to peek into, but as soon as Mama left the nest, I ran for my camera and held it high to take a photo and see if it revealed unbroken eggs. Imagine my joy when THIS is what the camera revealed!
Mama and babies are doing fine, and we are filled with hope.


Melanie said...

WOW! How discouraging!! But how fun to find those little babies!!

Kathy @ In Quiet Places said...

It is disheartening to hear of the damage to your new home and after all that garden work, hope the repairs go smoothly.

The baby doves are delightful! Mommy dove picked a good nest site!

Becky L. said...

I'm glad it wasn't any worse. Happy the baby doves and their momma are ok. Don't wear yourselves out getting everything back to normal.

Deborah Raney said...

Soon we will have roofers and painters descending on our house, so we're holding off on doing too much in the yard and gardens until that's finished.

The doves are growing like little weeds. It's been close to two weeks since they hatched, so we're expecting them to leave the nest before long. And so far, the plant they've nested in doesn't seem to be suffering too much.

Thanks so much for your comments.

Veronica said...

Isn't that just like God, to give you a sign of hope! In spite of the raging storm, those baby doves and their mom survived! Reminds me of my favorite song, "His Eye is on the Sparrow". Just as He took care of those birds, He will surely take care of you, your husband and your home. Watch for His Loving Hand of Restoration my friend!

Deborah Raney said...

Thank you, Veronica! We've seen God's hand so clearly already. It's a wonder to behold! So great to have you post here. Have a wonderful Sunday.