Bye-bye pokeweed

Well, we said we'd chop down/pull out the pokeweed before the birds started eating the berries. The berries aren't even ripe yet, but Ken saw this little feathered fellow, right, perched here and eyeing those berries longingly, so I guess that's the death knell for the pokeweed. We've really enjoyed its bright green leaves, red stalks, and white flowers, but it has grown quite large, and we really don't want to be overrun by pokeweed next year. Thankfully the caladiums are putting on a show in the shadow of the pokeweed, so we'll transfer our admiration to the green and red-veined leaves. 

And just look at the forecast for August 12-17! Unbelievable for August in Kansas!


Debra said...

Hi Deb... I'm enjoying all the new photos you're sharing of your new yard and home! Of course, I'm loving the colors you're choosing which are so much like the ones I'm choosing, as well. :)

Which reminds me, I want to thank you for all the encouragement you've given me about my own decorating throughout the years! Your words always mean so much, especially given the wonderful way, you, yourself, express yourself within your own home. So thank-you for your much-appreciated kindness! Blessings,Debra

Deborah Raney said...

Thank you, Debra! You've inspired me many a time! Not just with decorating ideas, but with attitude adjustments! You have such a great view of life and I always appreciate your honesty about it, too.

God bless you and yours and I look forward to the next Adventures of Debra! ;)