Early July and I'm really noticing our trees. We have such big, old trees in this neighborhood and it means wonderful shade and color. I feel like I'm in a treehouse when I sit on the deck early in the morning and later in the evening.

But our trees provide much more. A home for the birds and squirrels. And now, fruit for our enjoyment...soon. The apple tree looks nice and straight from this angle, but if you walk around it . . .

. . . you'll see it's growing at a sharp angle, almost brushing the ground, especially as it gets heavy with apples. But it looks like a nice harvest ahead for us in a few weeks!
We have a pear tree too (besides the ornamental Bradford Pear in the photo above) in the front yard. Unfortunately, though the tree is loaded with pears, we've been battling some sort of fungus and have had to cut away many branches. We hope there will be at least a few good pears before harvest time—or before the tree dies, whichever comes first.

That's just a few of the trees in our yard. The others will get their day in the sun soon.

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