A week in June

It's been a beautiful early June and these were the views throughout this past week:

The clematis is going nuts this year! It came to life before we had a chance to prune it this spring, and I'm thinking that was a good thing!

The pink roses are blooming along with the orange butterfly weed. I love the color combination!

It won't be long...

...before we have Shasta daisies galore!

We so enjoyed watching this little clutch of robins hatch and grow up. Alas, today two of them met a tragic end at the paws of a squirrel! I'm still in shock and grief. (Didn't know squirrels would do such a thing! My opinion of squirrels has taken a nosedive. :( )

This hot little bunny cooling under the chair brightened our hearts after the robin tragedy.
Though the days have been warm, the evenings are lovely, and I've sat out here many a night until after dark enjoying the sounds of our neighborhood. It feels completely like home these days.

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