The Magical Light of the Sun

The gardens look completely different depending on light and shadows. Usually an overcast day captures the colors more vividly for the camera's lens, but the sun does magical things to the blossoms, too. This photo is looking down the fence just north of the Rock Wall Garden (hidden by the profusion of flowers).


Chris said...

OH Deb....what an AWESOME idea this is!! Your garden is absolutely beautiful, and I just LOVED looking at everything. Such talent you and Ken have! Thank you for sharing; I will be watching for new growth!! :)
Chris W.

Deborah Raney said...

Thanks, Chris. When I first put the blog up, I really didn't think many people would see it, but we've been surprised how many visitors we've had! We're glad to share it and so glad you enjoyed your "stroll" through our yard. : )

Last night we pulled out a heap of spent Black-eyed Susans and Bachelor Buttons, along with a few sneaky weeds that were hiding amongst them. There are a few bare spots now, but we know from experience that it won't be long before other plants and grasses pop up to fill in.

Have a great 4th!