Our Favorite "Firecracker" this Fourth

Fameflower Rock Rose has become a favorite as it spreads and blooms in profusion in front of the boulder. The blossoms look so delicate waving above the frilly foliage on wiry stems, but they've proven to be hardy little flowers and we can enjoy the bright splashes of their magenta blooms even from as far away as the living room window. Prettier than any fireworks this 4th of July!


Cathy West said...

This isn't the same purple flower that blooms all over Alaska, is it? I can't remember the name of it now but it was something like fire... ??
Okay, I see you are missing an integral part to any garden - where are your roses???
I'm a rose fanatic I'm afraid.
We're building a new house here in Bermuda, and the one thing I am going to hate is to have to leave my established garden here. I'm going to take cuttings and start potting things in the fall. It's exciting on the one hand to be starting over and planning a new garden, but when we first move in we will probably not have much to look at except sand. However we WILL have that ocean view we've always wanted!! So here's an idea - I'll come visit your garden in Kansas, and you can come visit mine in Bermuda!

Deborah Raney said...

Hi Cathy,
Fameflower is an American native...I don't know about Alaska. But it sure is pretty here right now.

And we do have roses. Two rose bushes - a pink and a yellow/peach - one on either side of the arbor. But they are just getting established. We're pretty tickled about the yellow one, though. It was just a rootball with a few twigs sticking up, and they offered it to Ken for free at the greenhouse. He took it, we planted it, and in the first year it was a bushy 3-foot bush! But then this year, we had a late freeze and had to cut it way back and it's just now getting established again. But I'll post photos of it some day.

Our very favorite "rose" though, is the Carefree Delight, a type of carpet rose that is just gorgeous. Again, I'll have a "Rose Parade" one of these days and post photos of the roses.

And I would LOVE to take you up on that garden exchange program! : )