Dahlberg Daisies

Even though we're trying to stay away from annuals and buy more perennials, we can never resist the charming Dahlberg Daisies at Stone Creek, one of our favorite nurseries. This year, these sneaky little annuals somehow managed to escape the pots and seed themselves between the stone pavers on the patio. We've been so diligent to quickly yank out any weeds that dared to pop up between pavers, but you've got to admire their pluck, and so the Dahlbergs get to stay. In fact, the specimens on the patio look better than any of the ones we potted - a bright spot of early October color.

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Kerri said...

Your sweet little daisies are so pretty. Don't you just love the 'volunteers'?
I made a note to try these.
Thanks for the link to the Caryopteris. I see it is hardy in zones 6-9. We're zone 5. I'd better mulch those plants well and hope they survive our winter.
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