First snow!

One month before Christmas and we got our first snow of the year. Beautiful, but like most first snows, it promises to melt quickly. We moved the pansies up on the front porch and they have thrived through three nights of twenty degrees or below temperatures. You've got to admire their pluck!


Ewa said...

Snow adds beauty to the garden. Pictures of your garden under the snow are very romantic :)

Kerri said...

Remember how late the snow came last winter? I remember being really happy to see a good snowfall so that I could take some photos for the blog. I think that was in January! :) This year I'd just as soon have waited a while longer :) That lovely warm fall spoiled us :)
Your photos are lovely, and I see you've still got some tough little blooms there!

Cathy West said...

I used to love seeing that first snow when we lived in Canada. Then it just got old, fast. Now that I live in a warm climate, I love to go to the cottage in winter and enjoy the white landscape, but from the warmth of the armchair by the fireplace!
Hope you have a good winter this year! But not TOO cold!

Deborah Raney said...

I'd really miss the snow if we lived somewhere that didn't have a real winter, but like you, Cathy, it get's old in a hurry. But so far, I'm not tired of it and we're enjoying being snug by the fire. It had better clear off in time for us to visit our grandbabies for Christmas though!