Still in bloom. . .November 19!

My husband took a walk through the garden last night and came back to report that there were still seven different flowers blooming in the garden. So this morning, November 19, I took my camera and recorded them. I even found a bonus - a very late (or very early?) Bachelor Button hiding among the grasses (above).

So here's our late November tour of the garden...probably the last blooms you'll see here until spring since the forecast calls for low temps in the 20s later this week.
[You may have to click on some of these to see the blossoms, but they're there!]

Right, a variety of Verbena (I forget it's name right now) mingling with the Sedum.

Winterperry Blue Veronica Speedwell has tiny, pretty little lavender flowers.

The False Sunflowers just don't quit! I much prefer them to the Black-eyed Susans, too.

Alyssum. This little patch bloomed all summer. I think these seeds must have been in some of the extra packets we threw in the wildflower mix.

Fleabane, just barely still in bloom, but there are enough little flowers to make it count.

The Carefree Delight Roses have bloomed almost continuously from spring until now.

"Volunteer" Dahlberg Daisies are still going strong in the pavers on the patio.

And we didn't count the five or six pots that still have a few blooms left. What an incredible autumn it's been!


Ewa said...

Hello Deborah,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I just saw yours and I like your garden a lot.
These late blooms are real gift at this season.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Kerri said...

I'm looking at your last blooms while the sun glistens on last night's snowfall outside! I wish I'd had time to do a post like this because I had lots of brave little hangers on too...some the same as yours. The Verbena is tough, isn't it? I was very impressed with my Alyssum's staying power. It's so resilient for such a sweet little plant :) Smells wonderful too.