Planting a Secret Garden

We started our own little "secret garden" this fall, making a border along the side of the garden shed with the leftover rocks from Grandpa's pasture, and planting the sprigs of English ivy from the summer flowerpots amongst the rocks. We'd love for ivy to eventually cover the side of the shed...maybe even train it into an arch over the stone walkway in this narrow alley between shed and house. In the spring we'll look for some shade-loving plants to add to our secret garden. We also moved the Moonlight Broom to the corner of the shed. It was in danger of being gobbled up by the Blue Dune monster.

Our "three cats in the yard" love it when we are outside at work on a project. They follow us from garage to yard to shed to porch like so many shadows. Here, Sundae, the one kitten we kept (of the nine!), helps Ken water in the rocks, and explores Rock Hill Garden, where the sedums are still thriving in spite of several frosty nights. We installed a pet door in the garage so the cats can come and go as they please this winter. Wish we'd thought of that two years ago!

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Kerri said...

I like what you've done here with the sedum. I have some of the same varieties in my dish garden and gained a real appreciation for sedums this past summer.
Kitties love to be in the garden with us, don't they? Great little 'helpers' :) Your Sundae is a pretty boy :) Looks like he has a sweet nature.