Secret garden growing slowly more secret

We're trying to create a "secret garden" in the space between the garden shed and the house. The plan is eventually to train the English ivy up the side of the shed, and maybe even into an archway over the alley between buildings. It's a years' long project, but already it's a prettier spot than it used to be. The Rose of Sharon screens the air conditioning unit and the flowerbed also hosts Moonlight Broom, Golden Creeping Jenny, and Catmint, which was especially beautiful this year.


CatMom said...

Hello Deb! Love these pictures of your secret garden. I'm not familiar with it in the same family as catnip? Just curious! (and I'm so glad some of your cats appear in various garden pictures!). ~ Hope you received my e-mail about my enjoying LEAVING NOVEMBER while drinking coffee from my Latte-dah mug! Blessings, Patti

Debra said...

Hey Deb! I finally got some pictures up at my blog just for you. :) Come and take a peek at my house and yard and let me know what you think. Thanks for your sweet email! Blessings, Debra (P.S. Tom and I love your flagstone walkway! We'd like to do something similar here.)

Deborah Raney said...

Patti, there are different kinds of catmint, and whatever they put in pet toys and sell as catnip is one of them...a variety of Nepeta. It's really a beautiful plant and grew so fast from just a little sprig. I hear that once it quits blooming so much you can cut it back and it will bloom again. Ours still looks pretty enough that I don't want to cut it back yet, but I'll sure try that later this summer.

Debra, I LOVE your house! It looks great for you only having lived there two weeks! Keep those photos coming. I can't wait to see what else you do to the place. It is charming and already has your wonderful touch on it.

We love the flagstone walkways, too. Very easy to "build" and so convenient. I never wear shoes in our yard...or the house for that matter. : )