Dream a little dream of spring

We worked in the garden for an hour and a half this lovely middle-of-March afternoon, cutting back the rosebushes on the arbor, and the Carefree Delight rosebushes, Spirea, and Dappled Willow. Lots more work to do in both front and back yards. It's hard to believe that in a few short weeks the garden will go from this...to this!


Miss Peach and Mickey the Black Cat said...

Hello Miss Deb! I am Miss Peach and live in Washington state. I found you looking for red twig dogwoods on the internets. Imagine my surprise when I did! You see, my mommy used to live in Manhattan and loved it there so very much! She thinks it is one of the best places in the world...KANSAS land of Ahhhhhhs!
We love looking at all of your wonderful garden photos and thank you for sharing a glimps into and out of the windows of your world. I am so happy to meet all of your beautiful kitties too.
You inspire mommy to be a better gardener. Her heart is gladened with each trip back here to your blog. I have added you to my favorites on my sidebar....maybe you can come for a spot of tea sometime.
Lots of love and sunshine, Miss Peach

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Dear me...I am sorry that I was signed in under my secret blog. You see, I am getting married soon and that is why I have the other blog...no one knows about it yet.
This is my regular blog...just in case you come by for coffee today...we have some special things regarding coffee today. I love your geraniums in the big white pot. I simply must have mommy do that with mine this year and keep them on the pation for me to enjoy.
Love Miss Peach

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Miss Deb! I have been admirinfg your garden again and see that you also have gayfeather growing. Did you know that it is also called KANSAS gayfeather? I find that so purrrfect. Mommy remembers how the tall prairie grasses would sway in the wind on the Konza Prairie...a wonderful jewel that is all that is left of these beautiful vast areas.
Have a blessed day....Miss Peach