Spring...and winter. That's Kansas for you!

The view off our front porch this late March morning is typical spring-in-Kansas. Green grass, forsythia in full bloom – and snow gathering in the flower beds and on the pavement. We have 12 inches of the white stuff predicted for the next 24 hours. Brrrrr! But we can't complain. We'll take the moisture in any form it comes.


princessdiva said...

Hey there, I recently put a widget on my blog to see who comes and goes. Just wanted to let you know that I am not a stalker, just a very busy mom/wife/worker and full time gardener at heart. I have been trying to find Kansas gardens in particular, because that's where my garden is. Was hoping to check on yours because it is so close to home. I hope you don't mind. Glad to meet ya!

Deborah Raney said...

Princessdiva! I just realized I never responded to your comment. I'm delighted to have you "stalking" me!: ) Home you enjoyed your visit to our garden blog and will come back soon. I just visited your blog and saw so much that was familiar. I grew up on a farm, and your kids remind me so much of ours except we have 2 of each. But looks like about the same age span. Ours are all grown now. Last one leaves for college this fall. Happy, happy memories and now: fun with grandkids! Hope your part of Kansas is enjoying the gorgeous weather we have here in the middle of the state today!