The lay of the land

A few long range views of the back yard. It's not until we walk along the fence (in search of weeds) and look back at the house that I realize how big our yard is. We've had some wonderfully pleasant days recently, with highs only in the 80s and record cool nights in the upper 50s and 60s...very unusual for mid-July!


princessdiva said...

Oh how I long for beautiful green grass like yours! Looks like a blissful place to relax indeed! We too are enjoying some cooler temps here too--Such a blessed change from the week before where highs were over 105 degrees everyday!! And got as high as 111! ICK! My vegetation is sighing in relief!

Kerri said...

So nice to hear from you, Deborah, and thanks for the birthday wishes.
It's pouring rain tonight, but I did get to spend a sunny morning working in the garden, and then managed to fit in a little bit between the raindrops this afternoon.
Our entire summer, and most of spring, has been cool and rainy. Glad you've enjoyed your cooler-than-usual night temps lately. We would glady share ours (downright chilly sometimes!) in exchange for some of your warmer temps.
Your yard and gardens are looking beautiful, and so are your kitties :)
That coleus is gorgeous! Aren't they just so colorful? And I love the coral bells, dahlberg daisies, Smoky Hills, etc., etc. Really lovely, all!
Happy summer!