A pinch here, a pinch there

My mother-in-law had a pot of some gorgeous variety of sedum and I brought a couple snips home hoping to get them started in our rock garden. I tried to get them to root in water first, but finally gave up and just stuck the cuttings in the dirt in a bare spot on the hill. A few weeks later, late July, voila! I couldn't believe how they had spread! The waxy bright green leaves and magenta blooms mix nicely with the Speedwell and the other sedum varieties growing on the hill. And I love the way it has spread onto the rock border. What I don't love is that moments after I took this photo (after a half-hour weeding session, no less!) I noticed that pesky jagged-edged weed (see inset) peeking out from under the sedum. This weed is our most hated among weeds: dock. I can't believe I'm even allowing it face time on this blog. Just know that it died a violent death by my own hand! ; )

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Blue-eyed Blonde said...

That picture brought back memories of my mother's beautiful garden--she had that sedum planted among the rocks. An old fashioned and beautiful plant.