The hills are alive!

Rock Garden Hill is a crayon box of color right now. Besides the columbine, the speedwell is a blanket of periwinkle, and the various sedums add shades of green and red, pink and yellow. They play off the rocks from the Smoky Hills so beautifully.


~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

It looks really nice. I love the rocks poking out of the plants.

princessdiva said...

The hill is tastefully done--love the colors too!! I got some speedwell in a garden I bought from High Country Gardens last fall. I thought of your posts on it last spring. It is the only thing blooming from that garden right now--and I was surprised that the little tiny plant that it was has so many blooms on it--it will look awesome as it matures!! I'm sure you love looking out on that hill from the house!!