A three-and-a-half-minute tour

I took a stroll through the backyard gardens just before sunset last night with my camera set to video. It's a little bouncy, and windy, but you can also hear the fountain, the chirp of cicadas, and the birds singing. In bloom during these last days of June are carefree delight wild roses, false sunflower, wild bergamot (beebalm), fleabane, Canada milk vetch, a few coneflowers, catmint and salvia. The hibiscus (Rose of Sharon) is loaded with buds that will soon pop, and in the arbor garden off the deck, sedums, Dahlberg daisies and purple wild verbena star, along with the purple fountain grass in the large green pot. The prairie grasses are beginning to head out along the fence, too. Oh, and sweet Sundae comes out to greet you at the end of the clip. : )

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