The first of the coneflowers!

Coneflowers seem like the quintessential prairie flower to me. We have several different varieties of coneflower close to blooming, but these pretty orange-red ones, a gift from our friend Nancy's garden, were the first. They are back between the fence and the tallgrasses, so we have to work to see them, but there are others that will bloom above the grasses soon.


Melanie said...

Love that red, last year I got a tomato soup variety at Harvest greenhouse in Newton. It lives on and will hopefully bloom well. My home-started purple ones are in full bloom right now and are gorgeous. .one of the only pretty plants at our place right now, thanks to triple digit temps, no rain, and lots of wind! I also planted some coral bells this year too. I've never tried them before. .can't wait to see how they do! THanks for sharing!

Deborah Raney said...

I just looked up the tomato soup coneflower online and it looks like JUST what we need for more color in our garden! Beautiful.

Interestingly, the coneflower above is more the color of real (ie. Campbell's, ha!) tomato soup than the one's that bear that name. Hope yours do well, and that you'll post some photos of them if they do.

LOVED the tour of your bathroom remodel!