Diascia back in bloom!

I'm a huge fan of Diascia (Twinspur). This pot bloomed hard all spring until the worst heat of summer, but now, even after a beastly hot summer (spent in the shade of the front porch) this little beauty is back in bloom and covered with delicate pink flowers. I love it because it tolerates the shade and blooms at least 5-6 months of the year. I'll bring it inside when the nights get too cold and enjoy it for a few more weeks, but you can be sure Diascia will be on my wish list again next spring.


Kathy Cheek said...

I am not familiar with this flower, but it sure is pretty, I will look for it next spring, it is good to know it comes back after the heat of summer!

Deborah Raney said...

I'm curious how long they will last once I bring them indoors. I think they really need the cooler weather so I may put them in a back bedroom and close the furnace vents.

This comes in a beautiful peachy-rust color, too, that I had one year. It didn't seem to come back as well, but it may be that I had it in too sunny a spot.