Autumn scenes

This bright coneflower decided to make
a final appearance before winter.
It's the first of November! How did that happen?? It's beautiful here, but always a little sad because we know it won't be much longer before the long winter sets in.

The lovely views from our kitchen winow
The burning bush in the yard across the street is in its glory!


Kathy Cheek said...

Our trees have finally begun to turn north of Dallas, hope ours look like your views soon!

Love seeing the deep orange red coneflower again! Hope it comes back next year.

Anne-Claire POUPON said...

Nice post!

Melanie said...

Hmm. .somehow I have missed seeing a LOT of your last posts!! You guys have GREAT colors right from your window!! I'm sure they are gone now. .and maybe to replaced with a little bit of white this weekend!! Glad I could provide you with some "eyes" on NYC a few weeks ago. It's always extra special "seeing" what your loved ones "see!"