A Productive Evening

It finally quit raining so we could get the lawn mowed and get out in the yard to pull weeds. Lots of weeds. But they came up easily and the yard looks so much better now.

We're amazed how well the sedum handled winter. We left all these containers of mixed sedum out all winter (granted, we had a very mild winter) and with just a little fresh potting mix sprinkled over the top of each, they've come back lush and colorful. 
The green plant with pink tips is Dappled Willow, one of our favorite shrubs. We wish it could stay like this all year. It has a tendency to get gangly by the end of summer, but spring and early summer it is stunning, with the new foliage looking almost like pink and yellow flowers.
If you look closely, you can see bleeding hearts behind the pink Columbine. The hint of purple on the slopes of Rock Garden Hill come from Winterperry Blue Speedwell.
The rock border that runs the length of the back fence was built with limestone and sandstone from Ken's grandpa's pastures in the Smoky Hills of Kansas. Backbreaking work to bring those home and place them, but we've sure enjoyed the reward of having them frame our plantings.
The hanging plants are Petunias awaiting potting for the flower cart my dad built as a housewarming gift almost seven years ago. Can't wait to fill it with a splash of Petunias and sprigs of Sweet Potato Vine in chartreuse and burgundy. 
The Barberry Bush by the back garage door is at its best in shades of green turning red. It's a terribly prickly thing, but we sure love the way it looks. Alas, if you look closely, you can see a very sad Blue Spruce in the background. I don't think it's going to make it.


Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Beautiful. Wish I could transplant your yard to ours! Sundae made herself visible. She seems to be in her prime. You can share at your descretion that she has a fan. Wouldn't want to inflate her ego. ;)

Judy ~ Through My Garden Window said...

Don't you just love Spring!? A time when we reacquaint ourselves with our gardens. I'll have to see if the Dappled Willow is available here in Nebraska - such an attractive shrub. Everything looks so nice! But then you are further south than us...Kansas is always a couple weeks ahead of us.

Melanie said...

Your little succulent pot looks so cute!! I think it got WAY too hot for those blue spruces. .I have one not looking too great either, but I notice a flush of new growth on it today. .Hope it can pull out!! Wondering if I can borrow your weeder?? He looks like he might make better choices on what are weeds and what are plants than anyone around here :-) Hope you had a blessed Easter. .and thanks so much for the condolences regarding my dad. .Life is so crazy and unpredictable. .and as hard as it has been, I wonder how people with no belief in God and heaven even get through something of this earth shattering magnitude? Thank God for Gift of Heaven. .and a Son He gave to get us there!! HE is RISEN!

Deborah Raney said...

Yes, Blu-I'd-Blonde, Sundae couldn't be happier with this spring weather.

You will love Dappled Willow, Judy. We also have a Arctic Blue Willow that we love. Very similar in shape and size, but has a very blue cast to it.

Melanie, my weeder has been known to pull out LOVELY things that I didn't want pulled out! He may claim ignorance, but I'm pretty sure he knew what he was doing. He tends to go by the motto: when it doubt, yank it out. And my motto is: if you don't know, let it grow! ; )

You are so right about the gift of Heaven. So grateful for the hope that is within us.

A blessed Easter to all!

Darla said...

Love all sedums and they are quite hardy! Love your green, green lawn.

Deborah Raney said...

Aren't sedums just wonderful? Even here in Kansas when we have cold winters, they just keep giving color and texture and beauty to the garden.

The green green lawn is thanks to our sprinkler system and my hubby's dedication to fertilizing, and to killing dandelions and crabgrass. : )