A Spring Surprise

This is the happiest surprise of our spring so far! This poor Japanese Maple has been moved so many times we've lost count. It's hard to find a good spot for this species in Kansas, but this tree has defied the odds––despite being beaten down by wind and heat every year. This spring it is a credit to its species. We're prepared for it to suffer the elements again, but in the meantime we're enjoying the bright spot of color it adds to the side yard, and cheering it on, hoping maybe one day it will be strong enough to hold its own against Kansas weather.

Another, smaller Japanese Maple is growing nearby, between the house and the Dwarf Peach Tree. It will soon be much too large for this spot, but we have our eye on the perfect spot to transplant it next fall where it will be more protected from the elements and where we'll be able to see it every day.

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