October colors

October is two-thirds over, yet the garden still offers some wonderful color.

Not the best photo and not the prettiest rose this bush has produced, but you've got to be grateful for a rosebush that is still giving you roses in late October!
 The red twig dogwood is starting to live up to its name. It will be gorgeous against the snow––if we have any snow this year.

The catmint and salvia are blooming again. These are some of my favorite early bloomers. And now late bloomers.

 A beautiful stand of Dallas Blues grass waves in the breeze.
A surprise mum (that we let get too long and leggy!) is blooming the exact shade of fuchsia as the Superbells blooming in its shadow in the same pot.
I'm NOT ready to let the garden go yet, and trying to enjoy the few bits of beauty still there before winter sets in for good.


Kathy Cheek said...

May I use your Dallas Blue Grass photo with the verse below on my In Quiet Places devotional site?

Isaiah 40:8 The grass withers, the flower fades,
But the word of our God will stand forever.

It is such a good visual for this verse!

I actually have two other verses that are part of a grouping to go with a Scripture post I am calling, "What Withers and What Stands"

If so,do you want attribution?

Deborah Raney said...

You are more than welcome to use that photo, Kathy. If you usually give photo credit, that'd be great, but if not, it's not necessary. If there's ever anything else you'd like to use, just ask! I'd be honored.

Kathy @ In Quiet Places said...

Thank you so much, I usually use my own photos, but I couldn't find one in my files that was good enough, and then I came over here to catch up on your fall posts, and that one jumped out at me and said, "Use Me!" But I wanted to ask!

On the weekends, I sometime post a scripture with a photo instead of a devotion, you can see how it looks on In Quiet Places if you'd like...