What happens when you DON'T have a cat

Amazing all the wildlife that comes around––even in the city––when you don't have a cat guarding your house! We left our kitty at the old house (what Ken has started calling "the old country") knowing she wouldn't be happy as a city cat. We've been blessed with all kinds of wildlife to watch, including a pair of turtledoves that have a nest in a hanging plant on our front porch. Oh, how I love the male's cooing mating call! Such a pretty, yet mournful sound––the reason they are also called mourning doves.
And this little fellow is a regular visitor (perhaps because of the daily peanut a certain someone––not me––leaves for him every morning?) We have geese, too, that often visit the park behind our house. All in all, it almost feels more like we live in the country here, in the middle of the city, than it did in "the old country!"

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