Empty nesters again

Our little doves chose today to fly the nest so we've been watching that drama. We've loved the whole experience of "raising" doves! I looked out my office window and saw Mama and Papa sitting on the sidewalk in the same place we first saw them "courting." I knew something must be up! 
One baby was already out of the nest "off to college." This little one's been experimenting, by standing on the edge of the planter wire, peering over the edge while Mama and Papa sit close by on guard.
Here's the family of three. When I came outside with the camera, Papa flew off to distract me, Mama stayed until I got too close.
Then she flew off too and left the little guy alone. But when I got closer, off he flew too! Not very high or very gracefully, but he flew!
Now if we can just get the last one out on his own, we can water and fertilize the begonia and get on with our summer! 

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