Newest yard projects in process

While we wait on roofers and painters and window guys to repair the damage done by the storm May 19, we've found a few projects to do that won't get torn up by the workers. We enlarged the mulch area under the Bradford pear (you can still see how shredded the leaves are on the west side in the photo above) and moved the bird bath closer to the bird feeder. We've become real birdwatchers and bird lovers. And though we can't afford to let the squirrels drain the feeder dry every day like they've been doing, the little boogers sure are fun to watch!
We got the inspiration to do a checkerboard patio and the more we work on it, the more we love the idea! Looks great and uses half the tiles, plus you can mow right over it. Right now we have three tiles sunk in and about 42 to go. Might take all summer. :)

Update June 7, 2013:


Margie said...

I love your checkerboard paver patio ...I've purchased some old 20" porcelain tiles from a recycle store that I plan on laying on a sand base by my patio this year (2014)as a pathway to my garden shed. I only paid $1 each for them so if they break I won't be out much. Love your blog, I just came upon it this evening while posting some garden ideas on Pinteret!

Deborah Raney said...

Welcome, Margie. So glad you discovered the blog. I'm eager for some weather that will give me something besides snow pictures to post! :}