Our sweet doves failed to hatch their babies this time. We're not sure what caused it, but the eggs never hatched, and eventually, the doves started leaving the nest for longer and longer periods of time, and finally they never came back, leaving the unhatched eggs. We didn't investigate to see whether there were birds in the shells. I just didn't want to know. :(
When the doves hadn't returned for two or three days, we finally removed the nest and eggs and planted a few rooted cuttings in their place. We're sad these almost three weeks didn't result in any hatchlings, but we enjoyed watching the doves care for their eggs until they seemed to sense there was no longer any hope.


Kathy said...

We are all sad, too. It would have been fun to see a new set of baby doves again.

Now, post something cheerful soon!

Deborah Raney said...

We still hear doves singing every day, so that helps. Maybe next spring we'll have the chance to watch the miracle again.

And I promise I'll post something cheerful soon. Things are beautiful in the garden thanks to these wonderful cool August days (now THERE'S a phrase you don't get to use very often!) :)

Bonna said...

Awww, I'm sorry. New life not making it into this world is sad no matter what it is.