Here we go again!

You might remember that the hanging planter on our front porch was host to a family of mourning doves early last spring. It was a delightful experience watching that devoted pair tend the nest, and finally to discover two little hatchlings survived the May 19 storm that did major damage to our house.

The plant they nested in didn't fare so well from lack of watering for two months, and we decided once was enough for that kind of experience.

We hung the planter up later in the spring this year and it looked like we'd managed to discourage the pair from nesting there this year. Until July 12 when I caught a dove flitting to and from the planter and discovered this inside:
I quickly cleaned out the "mess" that was the beginning of a nest, and shooed the dove away. But only an hour or two later, I came out to see this:

And when the dove flew away, I peeked inside to discover this:

And a few days later, this:

So I guess we're going to be privileged to watch the miracle all over again. And like I told my husband, it would really be cutting off my nose to spite my own face to evict the bird whose song is one of my favorite sounds in the whole wide world!


Bonna said...

Can you find a way to water "around" the nest? How could anyone not enjoy dove's.

Deborah Raney said...

Yes, Bonna. As my husband pointed out, when doves nest in trees or many other places, the nests get rained on, so a little water several times a week will likely not hurt the nest. I'm watering the plant fully, and when the doves hatch, I'll water around the edges, but keep the little birds dry. We'll make it work somehow! :)

Kathy Cheek said...

We had some swallows that built nests on our front porch two years in a row, at the top of a porch column, and although adorable, was quite messy and my husband was not wanting them back.

We bought a plastic owl at Home Depot and sat it in a chair on the front porch and the swallows did not build again.

I miss them though.

But doves are less messy so I would welcome them! Hanging baskets are just too good for them them pass up!

Your yard is looking so good, enjoy all the posts on the progress!

Deborah Raney said...

Our first egg is due to hatch any day! I've been holding up the camera and shooting a photo inside the nest each time before I water so I don't accidentally drown the first hatchling!